Happy children become happy adults

When education is developmentally appropriate, it engages children mind, body and soul

Educating the head, heart and hands

Good education must foster the thinking, feeling and willing dimensions of the child.

Breathing life back into education

The purpose of education is to enable a happy and fulfilling life.

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TATVA is a school founded on a few simple principles. Chief among them is the strong conviction that the purpose of education is to enable the transformation of the child into a purposeful, happy adult who strives for excellence in his/her chosen endeavours, and makes confident career and life choices. It is a process of metamorphosis – an evolution. Unlike commonly perceived, it is not the role of the educator or the educational institution to mould children and “prepare” them to face the challenges of the real world but rather to aid the full development of every child into the individual he/she was “meant to be”.

Our Vision

Walking in the wonderful path of learning shown by Rudolf Steiner, our endeavour is to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.