TATVA sees itself as an institution that enables children to bloom into purposeful, happy adults who strive for excellence in their chosen endeavors and make confident career and life choices.

The proper role of a school in a child’s life

Education is a transformational process. It starts with the stimuli that the child receives from its environment. The educational environment called the school is the source of these vital stimuli. The biggest challenge for any school is to organize these stimuli such that every learner undergoes this positive transformation. At TATVA, the proper organization of stimuli according to the age and stage of development of the child is a matter of utmost importance.

What effective education should be and do

A good education system must be developmentally appropriate. Children are evolving human beings who need to be met where they are, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It should be child-centric and instill a love of learning in the children. The content, as well as the process of learning, needs to be such that children engage deeply with them and derive joy from the act of learning.

Good education should focus on the timeless knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that will help them face the vastly changed world they are likely to face at the end of their 15-year sojourn at school. This is especially important in these days of rapid change when the hot topic of the day is very likely to be old hat when the child enters the real world. In fact, education should prepare children to thrive in the midst of change.

These are the principles that form the cornerstones of education at TATVA.