At TATVA we see our aim in providing care and an early learning environment.

Educating the head, heart and hands

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle once said "Educating your mind without educating your heart is no education at all." To this, we like to add the idea that educating the hands is equally important. It is not enough for children to learn to think with their head. They need to understand their heart and work with their hands as well. Individual and social wellbeing are enhanced only when human beings understand their own feelings, apply their mind to find ways to address them and will themselves into action that translates thoughts into positive transformation. Therefore, good education must necessarily educate the head, heart and hands of the child in a holistic manner.

Our Features

At TATVA, we see our aim in providing care and an early learning environment which is tailored to each individual child's needs, in safe, secure, happy and relaxed surrounding. We are committed to your children's success.

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