At TATVA we see our aim in providing care and an early learning environment.

Humanising learning for human learners

At the heart of our Waldorf-inspired curriculum and methodology is the understanding that children are human beings seeking to learn. The most fundamental aspect of being human is that we are not all the same and have different and in fact multiple ways of learning. Our learning process caters to these multiple intelligences by incorporating art, music, movement and rhythm into the educational process. This is made all the more possible by the unique MLB (Main Lesson Block) structure in which the core learning for each day is done in a single block spanning the first two hours of the day. Every MLB starts with the rhythmic block in which music, movement and rhythm are used to deliver and enhance learning. The remaining time in the MLB is also used in a variety of ways that use the auditory, visual, kinaesthetic, spatial and other pathways to make learning more effective.

Humanising education works on yet another plane through the concept of the MLB. Just as we need to breathe in and breathe out alternately to stay alive, children’s learning process too needs to include the equivalent of alternating breathing in and breathing out. Rather than have 5-6 back-to-back period of intense learning across multiple subjects, the MLB allows the child to take in core new learning in only one major academic subject on a day, while the rest of the day is spent on non-academic areas of learning and on revisiting and strengthening academic learning in other academic areas that not a part of the current MLB in the EW or Extra Work sessions. In addition, the EW framework allows for considerable rigour to be incorporated in a joyful way so that children learn not just well but also deeply.

The focus on a single subject at a time also allows children to literally sleep over their learning each day. This process is considered, in Waldorf methodology, absolutely essential for children to truly process the learning that has been presented to them on any day into learning of their own that they can then work with. In other words, what they get in class is what the teacher knows. What they make of it in their sleep is what they know and understand.


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At TATVA, we see our aim in providing care and an early learning environment which is tailored to each individual child's needs, in safe, secure, happy and relaxed surrounding. We are committed to your children's success.

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